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Thread: How many times were you scammed?

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    I'm always very careful with online scams, I haven't been scammed, if I am using a site, I do a small google search on it to see if they pay or etc, and also for people, I am extremly careful with them, but I don't scam

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    I'm very careful, so i have never had a big loss(there were few small unsuccessful deals only)

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    I was scammed only once on too! I got scammed on 10$, I was waiting for payment, but they canceled the payment and made it 50$. I thought no way! That's my story

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    I got scammmed a bit a few years back when I was a noob, right now i'm very picky with the deals and work I take,, and fingers crossed i don't have too many problems. First time i was scammed was eBay hosting My idiocy caused that.

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    I joined some get paid to post forums and I did not manage to reach payout before it close down. I did not lose much money but just waste time and effort. I will try to look for payment proofs before joining a program so that I am not scammed. However, it is difficult to prevent being scammed as a program that is paying now might not pay the next minute.

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    I have been scammed by a person from a site,he told me to promoting his site,but when I done the job and PMed him,he saying that site not working for him,but working fine for me,thats what I got so fat,hope I will never get that kinda person
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