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Thread: How Many Websites Do You Have?

  1. Cool How Many Websites Do You Have?


    How Many Websites Do You Have?

    I have around 10 which include blogs and forums.


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    Around 36 small micro niche sites.

    Then, I flip a lot of sites. So can't specifically say how many I have atm.
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    5-6 main blogs, a couple company websites and a few other small blogs which i don't update very regularly.

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    About 6 that I consider "active", another 10 that don't earn income and I haven't developed (yet), and about 10 more domains that I have nothing on yet. Prime flip material.

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    6, but I only focus on one at the moment.

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    Swastik - that sure is a lot of sites!

    I own 1 active site (teenius), then I'm involved in another project (TBP). I then have 2 more sites that are inactive. That said, I've recently sold all 11 of my proxies, and also 5 sites that I was flipping. To be honest I'm really enjoying it at the moment as I can spend more time focusing on one project, although flipping is something I'd like to get back into as it's very profitable.

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    I currently own 11 sites. Only about one is actually running, the others are in development, and one is for sale.

  8. So Poor I only own one site. I am not able to concentrate more of site building because of my school

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    Quote Originally Posted by harish View Post
    So Poor I only own one site. I am not able to concentrate more of site building because of my school
    I too find school gets in the way sometimes (especially as my final exams are coming up), but then pretty much all my free time is spent on my sites, so I can still balance it pretty well

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    I used to have two blogs, the first one of which I didn't like so I deleted it (it was on Blogger).

    Second was a bit more elaborated, and used to rank 2nd and sometime first for 'SEO video games' (I know lol.. what the f???). But I was forced to put it down also because and didn't have enough time because of the school and the American Football.

    I still own the domain though (

    Atm, only me freebies site is up (I will make a thread later on the subject) at It is very new but it's climbing ranks pretty fast in the directories I submitted it too.

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