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Thread: how many of you got a dsl connection? average connection?

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    how many of you got a dsl connection? average connection?

    i just got an 24/7 internet access today!! yes! as a fulltime freelancer i need it!!

    that is as important as your desktop when you are in the web scene.

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    I always had a 24/7 online access to the net, my average speed is around 300KB/Second, and downloading is around 50KB/Second. It's really low, I pay 17$ for it monthly.

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    Wow 18Meg download, 750KB upload, that's amazing! I wish I had something like that, but how much do you pay for it monthly or how is it for you?

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    Wow that's extra cheap for that much, I pay 15$ for my stupid slow internet, you live in the UK right? Here it's so slow and sucky. for 1MegaByte now here it's around 70$/month

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    great for both of you. here in our place it's the dinosaur age. omg. mine is 400kbps to 800+ kbps for $20. it doesn't perform well when raining.

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    Well guys I got a 2 mega internet connection and 256k upload speed and I am paying $20/month.

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    Wow all of you guys are so lucky, I wish I had a net like you, it's so cheap and etc, hope there will be new ones here.

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