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Thread: How often do you defragment your hard drive?

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    Post How often do you defragment your hard drive?

    I use a program called tuneup utilities which correct registry errors and defragments my hard drive. But actually it takes quite a long time and slow down my pc performance, so I don't do it often. What about you guys?

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    Well yeah, anytime you run a defrag, you shouldn't be using your computer. This is coming from my computer programmer.
    Anyway, I often forget to defrag my hard drive and right now my hard drive is dying so it would be a bad idea to defrag it right now. I'll wait to screw around with it until my new one comes in the mail so I'm not without my desktop computer. Although, I have a few laptops lying around here it's much for fun to do SEO on a desktop!

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    i use it also.

    i use tuneup utilities too. at least i defrag and maintain my pc on a 2 week interval basis.

    i also back up files that are important.

    leave your pc for awhile when undergoing maintainance look for other stuff to do like doing household chores or even cleaning your own place.=)

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    I defrag not too often, but often enough. I do have TuneUp Utilities 2009 but the only tool I use from it is Winstyler, which I use to customize my windows.

    For defragmenting drives, I prefer using the one that comes with Windows XP as default. I've tried softwares before but they always left a trail of system errors after uninstall so now I steer away from them. Better safe than sorry.

    As for registry clean-ups & further system maintenance, I have the following softwares at arm's length: ASO (Advanced System Optimizer), Registry Mechanic, and CCleaner.

    Quote Originally Posted by melbel View Post
    Well yeah, anytime you run a defrag, you shouldn't be using your computer. This is coming from my computer programmer.
    That's very useful information. Didn't know this before but I'll definitely be keeping this in mind from now on.

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    Yes tuneup is the best,also you can easily defragment in your system by using the inner software which is given with system
    I do defregment like in 10-12 days it can keep PC fast

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    I hardly ever defragment my hdd these days. I used to do it quite often in Windows 95 and Windows 98 when they system started getting sluggish but haven't noticed the system getting sluggish with Windows XP and newer hardware.

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    I am using Vista and it has a schedule time everyday that it does it when I am not on the computer. I honestly can't tell the difference it is making.

    Then again, Vista is always sluggish and slow.

  8. I run FAT32 partitions - and they fragment less then NTFS. So I only defrag a few times a year.

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