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Thread: How willing would you be... (Charity-Related)

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    How willing would you be... (Charity-Related)

    Let me give you a little background on myself. My entire life is dedicated to helping the world advance and move forward in the right direction. I'm in the field of Biochemistry to help transcend the biological limitations of man. I dedicate a lot of my time to volunteer work and improving myself and my community. I try and always do the right thing in my life and keep myself moving forward at all times.

    Anyway, I have a very awesome online project that I believe can help developing nations and communities. I'm not giving out a whole bunch of details at the moment, but I'm in contact with a lot of schools and teachers in third world countries and the project will essentially assist them in their efforts in teaching English and possibly some other critical subjects. (This can also benefit disadvantaged people in developed nations.)

    It's a project with big hopes. And one of my hopes is that people will help me get things running. I will not be collecting any sort of profit from this project - I'm not selling anything, I won't be displaying advertisements anywhere. It's totally for the greater good and not for personal benefit in any way. This thread isn't even to ask for help - but moreso get an idea of who would offer their assistance if needed.

    I mean, maybe you can do basic design and can make us a logo, or maybe you can write articles. Maybe you do directory submission and will help us out in that department. Maybe you even just have ideas! See what I'm saying? The purpose of this thread is to see who would donate some assistance to a project like this... (No obligation. Just a poll, really.)

    Post your thoughts.

    P.S. I was also thinking of giving back to those that contribute. There isn't much I can do, but maybe something like writing a letter on your behalf about your services rendered, or acting as a reference for something in the future.

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    Well, i'm the last person someone would turn to for designing a logo. Articles are a possibility depending on the topic. But i would surely give you a permanent link in my blogroll and offer any other kind of assistance like social bookmarking, free siggy link on NB, etc..
    Just let us know when you start off with your project

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