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    The HPC Forums

    Website Name: The HPC Forums

    site link:

    Website Description: he HPC Forums are a discussion board where you can discuss Harry Potter and have a laugh with members. We aim to please and everyone's welcome.

    Your name on the Board: Sajuuk

    -Subway Page-

    [align=center]Harry Potter Community Forums[/align]

    [align=center]The HPC Forums[/align]

    [align=center]The HPC Forums are a discussion board where you can discuss Harry Potter and have a laugh with members. We aim to please and everyone's welcome.[/align]


    Forum Interview

    1. Do you know much about Harry Potter ?

    Answer: I’ve always liked Harry Potter, ever since the first film got released. Since then, I’ve been intent on starting a community about Harry Potter. I only joined my first forum a couple years ago. The first forum I had was a disaster and I wanted a positive forum. If you like Harry Potter and want to discuss on a smaller board, come here!!

    2. Why call your forum The HPC Forums ?

    Answer: Originally, the name was Harry Potter Community, but that was bad for my ranking. I chose HPC for the reason that it is the first letter of “Harry Potter Community” and called it “The HPC Forums,” for being a community about Harry Potter and to discuss general topics.

    3. Is there a good atmosphere on your forum ? Nice people and friendly ?

    Answer: I think I can say yes for sure. We’ve got a section of the site dedicated to chilling out, relaxing, having fun and discussing the latest news. Of course, it’s moderated by all of the staff. Also we get to know new people much faster by just Visitor Messaging.

    4. What can we expect to find on your forum of content and discussions ?

    Answer: On my forum, you will expect to find discussions and content relating to Harry Potter. You will also find content pertaining the forums itself and you will also find general topics for your perusal as well.

    5. What makes HPC so unique towards other forums ?

    Answer: As you’ve all probably seen, most Harry Potter forums have a section where you request to join a Hogwarts House. This is extremely boring and stupid, because there is probably going to be a long delay before you get accepted or not. This means that people are most likely going to forget joining a house due to long delays. On my forum, we’ve got a modification which allows any new registrants to simply choose a usergroup via a dropdown box. As soon as the account is created, they go straight to that usergroup. There are 4 usergroups: one for each of the houses. There is one usergroup for anyone who does not wish to choose a hosue right away.

    6. How is the communication between member and staff ? Does staff follow the rules of your forum and punishes people who don't follow them ? And do staff treat their members with respect ?

    Answer: The communication between all of our staff is exceptional. Most of the staff have an MSN address which they can use to contact me if they need to discuss something privately. Our staff follow all rules of the forum and do not break the rules. We are pretty lax with our rules and give users plenty of chances to stop breaking rules. However, accumulating 3 warnings on the same offense (eg Spamming) will lead to an infraction. If you’ve been infracted on an offense, we will just give out infractions on the same offense until the auto ban system bans you. Your warnings are automatically deleted if they have expired. Our staff are very respectful to all our members and we have not had any reason to warn our staff. Staff follow a different warnings system than members. 3 warnings = 2 week demotion, 10 warnings = permanent demotion, return possible. If you’ve been suspended twice while being staff, you will be permanently demoted from the staff with no return.

    7. Do we learn something interesting if we read some certain topics on your forum ?

    Answer: We try not be a spam board, there are some topics that are interesting to read and quite useful. We had a proposal to add a forum where everyone could create a topic to share knowledge with us.

    8. What type of people=group are you trying to get to your forum ? With other words for who should your forum be an excellent place to be ?

    Answer: People who seek discussion should find HPC a good place, We are like a brotherhood, we are open to everyone and would like to meet new people through chat perhaps or other ways possible. We aim at being a nice forum for many type's of people.

    Additional Info:

    Board Started on: 15 Dec 2009

    Category: Harry Potter Discussion Board

    Forum Link:

    Current state: Open and active.

    Activty: Around half of the community is active, we need more members to increase the activity.

    Goal: offering nice discussions, a board to hang around with friends, trying to make sure everyone has a great stay.

    Page written by: Makaan

    Current forum statistics:

    Scrolls: 939, Posts: 3,195, Enrolled at Hogwarts: 55, Active Members: 29

    Please welcome the latest enrolee to Hogwarts, JamesD31

    Come join and increase the values!

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    Page Updates

    Within this thread, I will consolidate the updates made to the community page.

    04/02/2010 - Page under construction

    06/02/2010 - Page completed and put up.

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    Site Updates

    Here, I will post/update this thread when I update my site with a major addition.

    05/03/2010 - vBSEO bought and installed to the site.

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    Major Updates

    Wow, been a while since I made a thread here.

    Well, vBSEO got installed a while ago. We've also added a new administrator and another moderator.

    Also, skin was updated, as well as a member base increase.

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    Re: Statistics

    Statistics update.

    Scrolls: 1,109, Posts: 4,982, Enrolled at Hogwarts: 80

    Please welcome the latest enrolee to Hogwarts, intelcorei7

    We're almost near the 100 member mark! Join and help that mark be reached.

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    Re: Major Updates

    New administrator, WishLine, major changes being made while WishLine is in power.

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    Re: The HPC Forums

    Sorry for the delay in an update. I completely forgot about CF

    Diplomat and WishLine removed as administrators. Trixie promoted to Admin, along with Derozio.

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