I'd like to share with my new Net Builders family a bit of social engineering I pulled on a random, incompetent stranger last night.

In front of Carrabbas last night, I was arguing with a police officer about the placement of a ticket on a vehicle with no handicapped sticker or tag parked in a handicapped space, while a vehicle with a handicapped tag was forced to park in a space further away.

The officer was getting angry, and eventually he scribbled out a ticket for verbally assualting a police officer. The arguments and ticket-writings continued, until there were nine tickets on the windshield of that car for various infractions.

The officer, sick of arguing, got into his cruiser (a silver unmarked Charger) and slowly pulled out of the parking lot and onto the highway. I waited until he was out of view, walked across the parking lot to the far end, under the trees and in the shade, got into my car, and drove away.

Maybe the owner of that car will think twice next time before parking in a handicapped space. Social manipulation can be quite the bitch.