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Thread: I am going to be a GREAT-GRANDFATHER!

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    I am going to be a GREAT-GRANDFATHER!

    That's right!
    Our oldest granddaughter is visiting us.
    And she gave us the word.
    She is pregnant.
    Due in Feb or March.


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    Okay, the due date has been fixed (yeah right!).
    March 2014

    So far, no word on whether it will be male or female.

    Now it will be....who spoils the baby the most....
    The grandfather (our son-in-law) or me....

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    Hey Iowadawng congratulations!

    How do you feel to be a future grandfather?

    Did you already bought a baby spy cameras with audio, A baby car seat, high chair diner table, a little bed, bottles, sterilizer, a digital camera, an electronic albums, a camcorder, a photo editor software, a capture videos software, etc

    I know it will be a bad joke, but I cannot prevent myself to post this, big smile

    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    Letting the grandfather (son-in-law) take care of the hardware and all.
    I will want to hold the great grandchild all the time!

    Will see come next march.

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    Okay, just got word about ten minutes or so back that our first great-grandchild will be a:

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    Wow,that is amazing. Congratulations!
    (I am an only child and have no children)
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    75 days and counting down!

    All is well.

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    My oldest grandkid is about 5... I'll be a decade or two behind you on this.
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    My wife and I are officially known as GG MA and GG PA!
    Our great grandson Gideon born this morning at 845am.
    See here for pics:
    Our Great Grandson Gideon is Here!

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    Congratulations to you iowadawg
    I think it would better if you do not know if it is boy or a girl until it is born.
    I'm really get into a surprise and amaze what's god given to me.

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