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Thread: I have an ebay account with 4300 feedback

  1. I have an ebay account with 4300 feedback

    Hey guys, need you opinion on this one. I have an ebay with 4300 feedback...its a ppowerseller. Thinking of selling it, and would like to know what price I should make it. Thanks!

    p.s I sold an account that had 72 feedback for $80, so I'm assuming this one will be in the $1000-5000 area...

    Thanks guys

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    May I know what you sold in ebay to get those feedbacks?

  3. Eeerrr... I thought this was against eBay T&C's or am I wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Eeerrr... I thought this was against eBay T&C's or am I wrong?
    As long as eBay don't find out, I guess it's ok LOL

  5. that is impressive. How many different feedbacks is that?

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    It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

    I am going to speculate that this is a domain name seller account. These types of sellers can accumulate lots of 100% positive feedbacks in a relatively short time.
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    Regardless of whether or not it's legal, it's unethical and deceptive to consumers.

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    Ebay staff is aware of this practice, and this thread will appear on Google today for the search terms you can be sure they're checking.

    Transferring your account is a breach of the User Agreement you entered into when you got an ebay account, and misrepresenting oneself as a seller when the prior feedback was not directed at you is probably civilly if not criminally actionable under the statute of frauds. Sell across state lines, and the issue becomes federal.

    You're likely to get yourself and your buyer a permanent ebay ban... or worse. Even DP doesnt allow account selling, for reasons already enumerated.

    Note to Prospective buyers: Earn your reputation... shortcuts like this are the reason you don't already have one.

    See: Ebay User Agreement -

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