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Thread: I'm back from Barcelona !

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    Hey everyone, for those who have not noticed my inactivity for 4 days... my reason was because i have been on vacation to Barcelona with teachers and students from my school. The weather was great and we had lots of activities ... Well now im back and i only flew in this morning at 2AM ... So Hola ! if your interested in what i did at Barcelona just ask...

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    I'm interested in what you did in Barcelona, got any funny stories?

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    Yeh i got a funny story.. well over at Barcelona we went to a souvenir store and there was a vending machine that sold alcohol and then one of the students on vacation in my class bought one and he knew it was beer but he was underage but looked like he was older and got away with it , then my friend tried to get a bottle of beer in the vending machine and when he got the beer the security guard came over and took him away ! :L then our teachers who were supervising us explained what happened and my friend had to lie saying he didn't know it was beer, which made him look like such a retard... :L

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