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Thread: iadvert: The best advertising place for you.

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    Forum Name: iadverts

    Forum URL: iadverts

    Forum Description: The best advertising place for you.

    Join today, become an admin and get a discount for your forum.

    Also we are looking for some dedicated members to be staff, the first ones to apply will become staff leaders.

    Advertise your forum and see good results.

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    looking great, you should post more here are Admin Community to gain more Points and then request for some posting packages etc to get some activity started Good luck

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    It looks decent though you should fill up the empty forums. Good luck.

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    thanks the forum is a couple of days old so it will fill up soon

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    The admin position will be available for a week after that the deal is off.

    Join today.

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    Banner does not go well with the background, buttons, and forum colors. I suggest changing it.

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    Its really Cool! I really Love The banner, did someone make it for you?

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    No actually i did the banner.

    We have a new contest do see us and check it out.

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    I've checked over the site again and the new banner looks great... But there are still forums that need to be filled up, i recommend trying post exchanges... Good luck...

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    Thanks for the banner i am doing my best to fill it out as the other members aswell.

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