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    Forum Name: Icon'd

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    Forum Description: Icon'd is a forum when you can come and find some awesome avatars. We have a huge database filled with countless avatars. We also offer avatar request if you can't find one you are looking for as well as pack request where you can request a pack of avatars instead of just one.

    In addition to our avatar services, we also have a database of resources; such as stocks, textures, and tutorials. If you are just looking for a place to kick back and relax we have a great community with members who are always posting and making topics. We have fun contest and a neat award system. Just have a look at our awards page to see what you can participate in. So come on down to Icon'd, you will have fun. =]

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    The forum looks fantastic, keep up the good work

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    Thanks =]

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    We are now at 8,800 post and 111 members.

    We currently are running the following contest:


    Caption Contest

    Song Of The Week

    Behind the Blur

    Icon Of The Week


    So come on and check them out today!

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