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Thread: If Content Is King...

  1. Smile If Content Is King...


    The popular saying which all of you'll must have heard is 'Content is King'.

    What according to you'll is the Queen then?

    I feel it is design.

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    I will say that marketing is queen. Market good content = Success.

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    Design and content is an awesome combo. So design sure is queen.

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    Who says content is King? Nowadays you see a lot of sites with ridiculously crappy content making tons of cash. Or people who just steal other people's content and make a ton of cash.

    Presentation + Marketing is King, I think. It goes for any business. You have to make people want what you've got.

    As for queen...I dunno. I prefer not to think of my websites as monarchies.

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    I think the design is the queen too as people sometimes look for a good design for them to read the content

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