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Thread: Imaginary Friends

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    Imaginary Friends

    Stomach growling, but have no time for a meal? A snack will do. Drowsy and unable to concentrate? A short nap can be reviving when a good night’s rest is unavailable. But what should you do when you are alone and feeling lonely?

    New psychological research suggests that loneliness can be alleviated by simply turning on your favorite TV show. In the same way that a snack can satiate hunger in lieu of a meal, it seems that watching favorite TV shows can provide the experience of belonging without a true interpersonal interaction....

    Imaginary Friends: Scientific American

    Diet Fads

  2. Read that article a couple days ago, interesting stuff! Thanks to you I now have SA in my rss feeds
    they have lots of fascinating material, but unfortunately lots of fluff too.

  3. Nice topic picked up by writer on such busy and lonely life . Even I have added it to my google reader page too .

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    If I am lonely, I'd turn to my online friends long before I would turn to TV shows as friends.

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