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Thread: Inception 2010 (Summary) Don't Click If You Haven't Seen Movie.

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    Yesterday I went to see Inception and I got every ting I expected from the movie, as most find the movie very good, 3 of 250 in imdb. Anyway the movie reminds me of Cold Souls, there they can extract the soul of a person, some will be reminded of the matrix or a other movie perhaps. Anyway I loved every second of it and will write down in a summary what I find of it and what happened in the movie.


    "When you die in a dream you wake up, when you are in a dream of a dream, and again in a 3d dream, something else happens."


    The movie begins with Cobb (Leonardo DicCaprio, second person in the pic to the left above.) the main character in them movie wash ashore on a beach in Japan. Guards of an old rich man find him soon and bring him to there master. He gets some food as he must be starved, and soon the master asks: "Are you here to kill me?" On which Cobb stops with eating and slowly looks up to the old master. Anyway you don't see much what happens then, but you get taken to an other part of the movie. Inception goes on with Cobb and Arthur (3d person to the right in the picture) are on a party in the house or stay of Saito. They meet him and try to convince them someone is going to try and steal secrets from him out of his mind. And they Cobb and Arthur can learn him to protect him self against this type of thieves.

    Saito is a clever man, and doesn't take the bait, so Cobb has to improvise, and goes to find a safe, where most of the time the secret or info is they want. But very unexpected the wife of Cobb, Mal is also on the party. And Cobb sees her and goes to talk with Mal, soon he finds out he is blocking him in getting the secret from Saito. When his partner is hold at gun point by her and Saito demands the document that Cobb just took out of the safe giving back to him. And he also wants to know who hired them to steal from Saito.

    Anyway things turn out badly and Cobb and Arthur have to get out of the dream. In a dream you can still feel pain, as Arthur just experienced when Mal shoots him in the leg. Cobb can't watch and shoots his friend dead, thus out of the dream and runs with the documents, with guards firing at him at is back. While the entire building is collapsing. Cobb can't get out out the dream, so his partner Arthur who is out of the dream tries to wake up his partner, he can't. So they use the "shock-push" technique. Cobb sits on a chair while his mind is still in a dream, Arthur pushes the chair into a bad behind Cobb, so he falls in a bad full of water. In the dream the room he is in gets filled with water very fast, thus making him awake out of the dream. Saito is also waking up as Cobb wakes up. Anyway after some hassle, they got Saito under control, but Saito soon finds out something that he may never have seen. That he is still in a dream. Before we go on with the story there is a few things you need to know. There are 3 skills of men you need in your team.

    1. A Architect, the person who designs the dream and the levels, in depth and so on where the mission is going to take place to extract something from the subject.

    2. The Chemist who makes the drug-anaesthetic to get the thief's into a trance of being able to dream into the mind of the subject. Its pretty important the Dosi's is not to hard but precise.

    3. The Forger, is someone who aims at duplication a character, by knowing his back ground in the real world before going into the mind of the subject, follows him and as a result will look exactly like him to the subject.

    Also other then that time goes slower in a dream, in the first dream, level you have around 6 minutes more then in the real world, the second 6 weeks and the 3d dream 10 years. If you die in the 3d dream your mind ends up in Limbo, a level where you can't get out of.

    We go on not mentioning few stuff, Cobb and his team failed to find what they where searching for and left Saito and run to hide and go apart. Cobb next day wants to go to South America with Helicopter, but unexpected hi finds Saito in the helicopter, and he presents him with a mission that would allow him to get to his children (Phillipa and James). The guy that was responsible for the failure of the mission, "Nash" the architect gets taken away by the guards. What happens to him we don't know, but anyway Cobb and his team need an new and better person to become there Architect. So Cobb gets time to assemble a team for the new mission. The mission is a pretty big job and risky one. The have to make a son of a empirium of a company think its best to split the empirium. This would be great for Saito, his biggest competitor would then be no treat to him anymore and his company.

    The job will be the most dangerous one he has ever done, they will have to implant a idea in the subjects mind, something that has almost never been done before. Cobb has done it before to who he won't tell as of yet. Cobb has found after some traveling his team, there ready for the job. Robert Fischer is the target, he is the son of Maurice Fischer, the owner of the company who is dying. So Robert owns everything then and its important for the mission to succeed they make Robert think its bes to split up his company.

    I won't tell more as its pretty epic what your going to see, and how far you have to go, how deep into someone his mind to make him do or think an idea you want him to think.

    Things that leave you thinking

    The Limbo is normally a place where you can't get out of, but if you just jump of a building you wake up again the 3d dream thus its not that hard, if I am correct. Or perhaps because the Limbo was the mind of Cobb there where buildings to jump of as Mal and he created there own world. Also other then that Cobb didn't really had a choice they spent 50 years dreaming, he had to put a thought into his wife, that says "This is just a dream" She wakes up but the idea has grown like a cancer in here mind and she still believes its a dream, so the only way to go out of a dream is to die right ? And that Mal does in the real world kill her self because she things she is still in a dream.

    Also what doesn't make sense is that Saito died in the 3d dream thus being in Limbo where also Mal is. Cobb confronts his wife to say she is fake and just a ghost image of what her real wife. And he has to find Saito in the Limbo, then you go back to the beginning of the movie, back to the old guy who is actually Saito waiting for Cobb to get him out. He remembers more as Cobb tells him. And so they all wake up in the plain, all ends well right ?

    Now the spin keeps rolling, and doesn't stop or it does we can't know for sure. But I think he was back in the real world as the toll moved out of position for a moment and was losing speed.

    What happens when you die of old age in Limbo ? Also a question I got, I think you are then in a coma or something in the real world forever!

    Anyway I liked the movie it was great, and its actually hard to describe how things went.

    Inception gets a:


    from me.

    your opinion, questions, feedback of the movie ?

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    ok not to sound mean.. the summary is cool, but I think it's to much of a spoiler to it. I think editing the topic and putting in SPOILER somewhere.. so that people know that if they haven't seen it not to read this just yet.

    Luckily I have seen the film so I am good with this.. Good summary, but, keep in mind people have not seen this film so I think a spoiler needs to be added or a note saying if ya haven't seen this film yet, do not read, because it does give away a few things.

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    Yeah I know but I already did, one I mentioned its a summary and not a review and in the title say don't watch if you haven't seen movie

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    Oh boy I completely apologize! I guess I didn't even notice the title part. My bad lol, then your fine.. again I apologize.

    It's a great summary don't get me wrong, I just didn't notice the "Dont read if not seen" message lol.

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