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Thread: India’s Richest Man Builds 27 Story House in Mumbai

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    It still is a terribly looking house; quite ugly to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sami4u View Post

    Nice place. I know someone who has been inside of Trump's Maison de L'Amitie and helped with the decision of if he should purchase it. He only paid $41 mil when he acquired the place to begin with. I was told some of the antique inside were amazing.

    My info might be wrong here on this.

    The $150 million home, dubbed The Manor, home of the late TV producer Aaron Spelling. Is ranks No. 1 on Forbes’ list of the world’s most expensive homes.

    Don't really matter what home is #1 I'll never have the money to purchase such elegance

    More power to those that can.



    The Spelling Home just sold.

    U.K. Heiress Buys America's Most Expensive Mansion - Yahoo! Real Estate

    I have never heard of the woman that bought it however.

    I wonder where I could apply for the job as her upstairs maid?

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    Property taxes?
    Most times the super rich get breaks that no one else gets when it comes to property.
    Or there is a cap on the amount.

    I can see people wanting such high priced houses, but myself I see no need for such.

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    The rich gets rich, the poor gets poor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradhongan View Post
    I hope that Mukesh Ambani is active with the Corporate Social Responsibility. His father was an evil capitalist who has corrupted and twisted his arm several times a day the Government to influence political decisions in favor of his company.
    Capitalism isn't evil as long as their are protections for free enterprise. I think that the problem in India is due to land rights. Local governments are abusing the old British Colonial law that allowed the government to take land for rail roads and public works. The local governments take the land and sell it to developers and leave the owners in poverty.

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