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Thread: Infomerical King Billy Mays Found Dead!!!!

  1. Infomerical King Billy Mays Found Dead!!!!

    Hollywood is dropping like flies this month I guess

    Spirited TV pitchman Billy Mays was found dead at his Tampa home earlier this morning, police said.
    Mays, 50, lent his trademark booming voice to infomercials for products like OxiClean and Orange Glo.
    His wife, Deborah Mays, found him at their home Sunday morning, the Associated Press reported. Tampa police said there were no signs of a break in or foul play.
    An autopsy will be done by Monday afternoon to determine the cause of death.
    "Although Billy lived a public life, we don't anticipate making any public statements over the next couple of days," Deborah Mays said in a statement. "Our family asks that you respect our privacy during these difficult times."
    Mays, who got his start peddling products to passersby on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, has plugged Mighty Putty, the Ding King dent repair kit, and, most recently, the website
    "With every product you see me on TV with, I've turned down 100, 150 more," Mays told the News earlier this month, while in New York for a look alike contest. "I've been on TV for 11 years, and all I have is my good name."
    "I compare myself to a big-league slugger, a quarterback, the doctor who delivers the baby," he said. "I'm not an inventor, but I'll take your product to the next level."

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    Pitchmen Billy Mays dies (shocking)

    Most people might know him even though he is not a celebrity but he's like one because he appears in lots of tv infomercials advertising quality products, last week I was even watching a tv show about him making a commercial for a local /low-budget pizzeria commercial with his son.

    What's shocking is that he looked so healthy, this shows that on any given moment death may come to you without warning.

    I know people die everyday but sometimes you just don't notice it because they're either unknow persons or just no one in your family. It's probably because my aunt died of cancer 2 days ago so I start noticing everyone who dies more frequently, it's been so long since I haven't notice so many deaths in such a short amount of time and neither someone close from my family that had died.

    Some who have recently died: Michael jackson, farrah fawcett, billy mays, David Carradine and some other actors.

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    Gosh, June is the month of the deaths... Who's next?

    RIP Billy Mays, although I never heard/saw you before...
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    You can send flowers to Billy's funeral for only $19.95.

    But wait, there's more!

    If you order flowers now, you also get this free commemorative gift card!

    Be sure to have your credit card ready and dial 1-800-DEAD-GUY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge05r
    It's probably because my aunt died of cancer 2 days ago....
    Sorry to hear about your aunt, Jorge.

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  7. People in Hollywood are dying off quick. That is like 4 or 5 people dead int he past week?

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    Patrick Swayze may be the next one. He is hanging on by a thread right now due to pancreatic cancer.
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    And to think I was just about to buy Oxi Clean...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pctec View Post
    And to think I was just about to buy Oxi Clean...
    Do not buy it because it does not work. Most of the products found in infomercials do not work as advertised. My wife tried it and she said it was useless.

    Consumer Reports just tested Mighty Putty (one if his current ads) and said they could not duplicate the demonstrations in the ad. It failed the tests.

    Billy Mays did not actually have any ownership in the products he sold. He was just the TV pitchman. I know the inventor and owner of one of the products sold by Billy Mays. The inventor sold the exclusive sales rights to a marketing company, who brought in Billy Mays to do the TV ad. That destroyed my business selling that product. I was selling hundreds of those items per month with small discount off of the $19.95 retail. The marketing company did a typical Billy Mays 2 for 1 promotion, which killed the price integrity.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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