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Thread: The Interview with Will

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    The Interview with Will

    Since Netbuilders won (v7n second), Will has been interviewed by searchfeatuer:

    Will Spencer of | Internet Marketing News and Social Media News

    SF: Everyone seems to want quick cash, but few have the patience to actually do their homework and then work towards reasonable goal. Let’s say I am a newbie and come on your forum asking, “Hey Will, I want to make as much money as you, what should I do?”

    WS: I’d recommend you find a niche that you are really interested in and build a site so good that YOU would want to visit it. Building great sites saves you a lot of money which you would otherwise spend on marketing.

    Of course, in reality you will not say what you really think in response to such a question, at least not on your own forum, but please be frank with us and let us know exactly how you would respond were you forced to be brutally honest without the fear of hurting someone else’s feelings.

    I’m a straight forward guy. I’ve never been good at sparing people’s feeling. I think that, overall, most people need to toughen up a bit. In kindergarten I was taught “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It believe that most people would benefit from learning that lesson.

    IN other notes: RIP Dan Schulz, you will be missed.
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Will Spencer internet legend

    I’d say that if you’re only working 10 hours a week on your business, you’re a slacker and you don’t deserve to succeed.
    that made me laugh

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    Thanks for sharing. The part about "Building great sites saves you a lot of money which you would otherwise spend on marketing." is a great insight. Worth the read.

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    Nice Interview Will, happy to hear NB won the Poll. The community here is awesome

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    Wow, it's great to hear that the NB forum won and also an interview for Will, congrats!!


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    NB has done wonders in such a small period of time, the hard work of Will and his team has paid off.

    Congratulations Will and his team.


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    Congrats Will and NB. What a cool place
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    Others: PDA and Smartphone guide | What task will you do for cheap? | Crazy Links 4 Free

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    that is really great! I'm glad I read this interview, very inspiring

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    Great interview, thanks for sharing I wonder if DigitalPoint had won the poll if Shawn would have taken the interview though. Would he?

    Thanks Will for the motivating words!
    |Nico Lawsons

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