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Thread: iPhone or Blackberry?

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    Iphone, I have the 3g and love it.

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    The iphone has better stuff and is now coming to Verizon. No contest.

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    Iphone can be used for every day thinks etc..

    Blackberry is more of a workers phone as its good for emailing etc..

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    Blackberry has no competition against iPhone . iPhone is much better considering the features it has whereas Blackberry is more of a business phone .

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    IPhone because that's what I got.

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    I have never used either of them but I would go for the iPhone, personally.

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    Id say the iphone, as i've never used a blackberry before.

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    I have not used ether but i do have the HTC magic on android and love it

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    I wouldn't support one if you have never tried the other.

    Although I want to say Blackberry, I won't say either of them. Both have ridiculously expensive plans in Canada.

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    It has alot of apps to use and I love it!

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