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Thread: iPhone or Blackberry?

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    I used none. But still think Blackberry is better. Yes iPhone is more fashionable

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    IPhone is the best! Blackberry i did not use before so i can't compared them but iphone is best for me and most people.

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    seriously, NEXUS ONE! Android is the shit yo!

    i think touch screen smart phones is a trend now, slowly everyone will be using touch screen

    qwerty smart phones are old now

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    I have neither

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    Cant compare because i never use blackberry before and now i'm still using iphone which i cant really say it is good enough. I still prefer NOKIA

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    [quote name='Henry' date='26 March 2010 - 06:14 PM' timestamp='1269652463' post='12482']



    This is definitely the truth. There are two factors that make the iPhone lead the industry.....

    1. The nice touch screen, that is stinking amazing.

    2. The AppStore that has way more applications than the Droid and BlackBerry.

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