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    Site Name: The Island

    Site URL:

    Description: The Island is a forum based on fun, open mindedness, friendly staff. At we are working on bringing you one of the best forum experiences ever! Our goal is to bring up a fantastic and active community that cares about one another and will act as a virtual unrelated family

    Your Name on the Board: Daniel

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    I love this forum I recommend everyone joins!

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    The forum seems very quiet to me and the template is ok. good luck.

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    Seems to be a good forum. But I'm not really into all the green. But still looks like a good setup.

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    We have since hit 1,000+ posts and we are continuing to grow as the weeks go on!

    Everyone can come join us even YOU yes YOU

    Come on and join The Island - Take a Minute, Just relax, you won't be judged here!

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    We just got a brand new custom skin and forum layout!

    Come on down and check it out

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