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Thread: It's All About Music

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    Re: It's All About Music

    hmmm... Thats really not a good tactic. What if someone was to come back say after 91 days, but they had 1000 posts?

    I'd be pretty miffed if that was me.

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    Re: It's All About Music

    We appreciate our members and every site will have folks that join and never post or visit again. Those were the accounts I am talking about I would never delete an account an account that had a post in it. I do have about 5 members who joined and never returned or posted and those accounts are several month old.

    The above said, there is something about keeping the accounts, we are simply more about active members ship not the total member count. Example I do have a member who is very shy to post but will chat away in the chat. We would never delete an account like that.

    Good points all around. I visited your site and its good. I left positive comment in your forum here. For me we are not in competition, we both love music and share. Fact, I hope more folks come visit your site and mine too. Music is awesome all types and that is why it's nice to see music sites.

    Stop on by my site sometime, there is a metal section that is managed by Lou of Loucifer Speaks, I think you manage part of her board in addition to hers.

    Have a good one and see you on the boards.

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    Re: It's All About Music

    I don't like being in competition with other forums We all have our own styles shouldn't need competition.

    I shall get back on your forum later today when I am home.

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    Re: It's All About Music

    Great! I plan to join yours this weekend. You will have to rejoin unless you are here under a name I do not know is you. We lost the board sometime back and had to start all over. Look forward to seeing and I am more than happy to place you as an affiliate 88x31 banner. I just sent out an email to the members letting them know bout Lou's and Music Junkies site so I am happy to do that next time around for your as well. We are much smaller than your site but it's indeed fun to share music.

    See you on the boards.

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    Re: It's All About Music

    We have some new features; one being a mini battle of the bands, so watch for this dedicated page on our site.

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    Re: It's All About Music

    I listen to rap most of the time

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    Re: It's All About Music

    We have a Hip Hop/Rap section, feel free to join up and add to the content so others may get an appreciation for you like. Our members drive the content, hope you come and be a part of it.

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    Re: It's All About Music

    Battle of the bands has started:


    Go Here


    Go Here


    Go Here

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    Re: It's All About Music

    Battle of the bands still going one, stop on by and vote. Two battles one in Metal the other in Rock.

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    Re: It's All About Music

    Another weekend fast approaches and the start of summer is just a week away.

    The Battle of the Bands has done real well so far but we still need more

    votes. The winner of each genre Battle will go up against each other in a

    cross genre Battle of which will be interesting for sure.

    The site has a wide variety of music discussion and continues to grow. The

    World and Metal sections have grown significantly since last week, stop on

    in and check it out.

    Members is what makes the site go round, please tell others about us. Have

    a super weekend and see you on the boards.

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