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Thread: It's Like the Apocalypse...

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    It's Like the Apocalypse...

    800,000 Connecticut Light & Power customers are without electricity after the freak blizzard, including me. It's cold and it's dark. Trees have fallen, limbs are laying all over the streets and lawns. There are down power lines all over the state. Over 20 power substations have broken down. This is worse than hurricane Irene was. The company has not even begun repairs. They waited a whole day before doing a survey of the damage. Eventually, they have to repair the substations. Once they do that, they will bring power to essential services such as hospitals, police departments, fire departments, etc. After that, they have to repair the down wires in the residential areas before they can send power to them. These outages could last for a week or more.

    To Vectro Users: I have my mobile phone to respond to support tickets and to log in to the servers, but please go easy opening tickets for the time being unless it's important! Thank you!

    Cleanup From October Snowstorm Continues As 750,000 Remain In The Dark -

    Outage Maps

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    I have access to Internet more often now at some places that have power, but 95% of my town is still without power including me. CL&P got some private contractors from other states to come by, but they never paid their previous contractors after the hurricane Irene clean-up, so some of them never showed up.

    To make matters worse, they won't send power to the areas that have any down lines. There are still down lines all over the roads. There are some down lines that snapped from people's houses and are laying on their lawns. They have to call private electricians because the state won't repair them if they're on private property. If those people don't take care of it by Sunday, CL&P will have to keep those entire sections of the grid switched off until they do.

    The run on gas stations seems to be over, and the stations aren't running out of gas as often now that the roads are clear for the trucks. People were lined up at pumps and some of the stations refused to allow people to fill their portable gas containers which they use for their backup generators and cars.

    The line at Dunkin' Donuts has been out the door and down the sidewalk, and their wi-fi is broken. The local Starbucks has wi-fi, but people are again lined up all the way out the door and down the sidewalk with their laptops, iPads and phones.

    CL&P is estimating most of the state will have power back by Sunday night.

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    Wow what a mess. I feel for you. I do hope that they get power back soon to your place.

    What are you doing for heat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sami4u View Post
    What are you doing for heat?
    Fireplace. Sleeping fully clothed with 3 blankets huddled up with one of my cats who likes to sleep on my bed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sami4u View Post
    I do hope that they get power back soon to your place.
    The Sunday deadline might be a farce.

    The mayor of West Hartford is a real no-nonsense guy and can't believe this nonsense where CL&P sent a liaison to the town who refuses to give up any information. When he finally gave some papers to the mayor, this is what the mayor said:

    Slifka said officials eventually got copies but the information about the town's expected restoration time had purposely been blacked out.

    Slifka said he could read through some of the words that were blacked out, and he said the part he read said that CL&P's plans could change. "There are parts that are blacked out better than others," he said.

    Slifka said he believes the blacked out words, coupled with plans for a meeting CL&P is trying to arrange in town, indicates that many residents can expect to be in the dark for several days beyond CL&P's self-imposed power restoration deadline of 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, he said.
    More: Power Outages Continue After October Snowstorm -

    In a separate interview, Slifka said "We haven't taken legal action against CL&P, yet." I watch the guy on the local public access station and I know he's a "get things done" kind of a guy who's not going to tolerate any nonsense from CL&P.

    There have been several cases of people putting gas generators and gas grills inside their houses and dying from the fumes. This is one:,4931804.story

    Then there was a stabbing murder in town last night: West Hartford Man Arraigned In Fatal Stabbing -

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    Don't worry, mate, in my country there is always some problem with power supplying and after some time we learn that the heads of the state were selling power to the other countries while we were freezing ourselves, so hope to get power soon, and while you are all waiting think twice before you do such things as putting gas generators inside your living room or similar stuff, and advise people what they could and could not do with similar ideas, that is least you could do for all people there. Hope that everything is going to be alright, our thoughts are with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brazda22 View Post
    Don't worry, mate, in my country there is always some problem with power supplying and after some time we learn that the heads of the state were selling power to the other countries while we were freezing ourselves
    That's just greedy. What country is that?

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    Eastern Europe, that is enough, believe me...

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    On week later and still no power. CL&P's self-imposed deadline is midnight tonight. We'll see.

    Luckily I'm borrowing an office and using the 3G hotspot service on my phone to get my laptop online.

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    The power came back on Sunday. Yay! That was an entire week, Sunday-Sunday.

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