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Thread: Japanese Cars Vs American Cars

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    Japanese Cars Vs American Cars

    ‘Buy American’ was the motto many Americans followed since the sixties. No doubt it improved the American economy and boosted patriotic feelings among the Americans. When it comes to American cars, almost 95% of the cars running on American roadways were made in America – during the sixties. But times have changed. Gasoline prices have skyrocketed and American cars failed to improve their fuel economy to match that. On the other hand Japanese car makers came up with sleek vehicles which were reliable and fuel efficient. No wonder Toyota – a Japanese brand became the biggest automobile maker in the world replacing big American car makers like Ford and General Motors. In this article we will compare the cons and pros of Japanese cars versus American cars.

    Both Japanese and American car builders are very excellent and provides the best fuel efficiency of vehicles. Most of the times, people wants to buy a car but doesn’t bother about the promotion which goes with it. There are some facts which will influence the car buyers to choose the best one without any difficulty. Choosing a Japan made car or an American made car is a wise decision when it comes to automakers’ downfall.

    The cars manufactured in America are not proper as compared to Japanese vehicles. American vehicles has less safety consideration and are less reliable. The fact behind this is that the vehicles made in America has lower priority than the vehicles made in other countries. On the other hand Japanese vehicles are more reliable and are having the best quality and resale value.

    American autos' reputation was not poor in the past. American vehicles were considered as reliable and were having good value at the time of early automotive industry. But after some changes happened in the automotive industry, Japanese car makers entered in the market and started delivering the best quality of vehicles with reliability. However, Japanese car makers achieved a good reputation over American car makers for reliability.

    Recently, there were some reliability issues with Japanese car companies too. But, can American car makers take the advantage of this? It's very difficult to say that whether or not American car makers can regain the market against the Japanese car makers. But it is sure that there is a possibility of American companies to come back again and regain the market.

    In fact Japanese car is more reliable, fuel efficient and faster than an American vehicle. American cars are inferior to Japanese cars in every way-Value, dependability, quality and feel . At the end of 90's, Japanese companies started to increase in all areas and simply beaten the American company. In past, American people usually prefer to buy American manufactured cars. As time passes, people have got smarter and intelligent and they prefer to buy Japanese cars.

    Japanese used cars can be purchased for much lower price compared to used American cars. This is because of the strict pollution control laws of Japan leading to more taxes as the car ages. You can also purchase used Japanese cars and trucks from online auto auctions in Japan. One of the most popular Japanese trucks in the auto auctions are used Nissan UD Trucks. These trucks are rugged, powerful and can meet the stringent requirements of any hauling operations.

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    You don't have a clue do you?
    The Japanese build most of their cars sold in the USA in the USA!

    And check again, American cars are built just as good as Japanese, Korean, or whatever other country.

    And if you are going to copy and paste such stuff, at least point people to where you took the article:
    Home - Used Car Guide

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    Here in China, we are conquered by German cars.....
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