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Thread: Joke of the day

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    Good one Hendricius!

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    Some funny jokes here,

    Boy: Can I hold your hand?
    Girl: No thanx. My hand is not so heavy, I can carry it myself.

    Woman: If I accept your proposal of marriage, will you give me a ring?
    Man: Of Course, why not? Wait a second, I’m searching your mobile number.

    Woman: I think those who have no money are the happiest people in the world!
    Man: Then marry me. We will be the happiest family in the world.

    Wife: I have decided to will my all properties to the orphans.
    Husband: I’m the perfect orphan my darling.

    Patient: Sir, what’s the percentage that I will survive from this disease?
    Doctor: 100 percent. Generally, 1 out of 10 survives from this disease. In this hospital there were 10 patients like you. 9 of them has already died. You are the 10th.

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