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Thread: Is it just me or is half the internet down?

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    Is it just me or is half the internet down?

    I can't reach sites like or even I even changed my IP and reset everything and still can't access much. Some sites, like slowly come up, but then I try to scroll and it doesn't scroll?

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    That's strange... cnn and digitalpoint load fine for me.

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    I had a similar problem about a week ago with my ISP in Spain, about half of all sites wouldn't resolve. Turned out to be a problem with one of the pipes or gateway routers at my ISP.

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    DP isn't loading for me neither... though, CNN.Com works and most others so...

    I think it's a local problem at your side

    |Nico Lawsons

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    It happened to some sites, but I restarted the pc and it worked

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    Why would you be trying to load DigitalPoint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    Why would you be trying to load DigitalPoint?


    It must be some DNS glitch

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    Well, everything seems to be fine now. Probably an issue at the ISP. Thought it was strange compared to other times on how certain sites were loading or not.

    I did a search and saw that some underwater lines were cut to parts of the middle east, but unless CNN was hosted there I didn't think that would be the issue.

    Stickycarrots - to answer your question - I went there to see if anyone had posted about having problems - there has to be a word for that....

  9. This is why i always use OpenDNS, so that the sites are down only if the Site is REALLY down or my isp have some issues. They are not down bcz of DNS issues.

    This one definitely looks like some DNS issue.

  10. Either that or someone messed up the BGP routing tables again...
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