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Thread: Kovich is out of the industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    Well, I've decided to restart.

    I was able to salvage some of my other sites, like my make money online blog through older backups that I kept manually. However, I lost my successful Debate & Discussion forum that I have been running for years and invested a ton of money, time and effort into...

    Awfully depressing situation, let me tell you.
    Awesome news! Good news and hopefully you'll be able to recover some more stuff, even the forum with an old backup maybe?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    That sounds like a truly retarded hosting company. They should be named and shamed! (Sorry if I've missed you naming/shaming them already)

    You have my sympathies. Take some time to cool off, stick with it, and come back stronger! You can do it! Power!

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