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Thread: L8test forums all things to all people.

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    L8test forums all things to all people.

    Website Name: L8test forums

    site link: or or http://www.L8TEST.TK

    Website Description: A general chat forum with all the latest news and stuff

    Our Goal: to achieve a friendly group of posters that can talk about anything they want to.

    Your name on the Board:Blockhead

    -Subway Page-

    1. when you say latest, latest what?

    Answer:The aim is latest everything, a one stop area to get your info and then talk about it with others, the scores section was an Idea I had for football fans to go and see the latest score when they are out with their phones, thats how the board started, more as a utility.

    2. what is the best bit about the board?

    Answer:I like the welcome section the best, there are no contrived subjects, just a straight introduction, the nice thing is that as we are a small board the welcomes a quite genuine.

    3.when did the board start?

    Answerince early May as of now I have 29 members including me.

    4.Biggest criticism of the board

    Answer:when it first started the outside vein was that the forum was far too yellow, this was rectified last weekend as a new scheme was devised, the forum icons, which I took a long time making had to go too, but if that is what it takes to get joins then it must happen, and I must say the feedback is more positive.

    5.Any thing new on the horizon?

    Answer:This is cheesy but it really is up to the members now, and the more members the more to consider, I want more people to join, even if they are not prolific posters to start, I want it to be a good tool for the quieter members and a great forum for the rest.

    -Board Started on:May 10


    -Forum Link: or

    please check out!

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    Re: Latest score forums all things to all people.

    Great looking board Blockhead! But I am not a great fan of Sport LOL! But I hope it goes well for you!

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    Re: Latest score forums all things to all people.

    thanks for the rate! (my first one )

    It is less a sports board then it was when I first started it, I am trying to keep it simple but have to add boards to cater for the members, I have been asked to start a tech board up so that will be up soon.

    feel free to stop by though!

    because of its size I am not sure of what expertise my next mod will have to be, but hopefully as it grows I can advertise for one!

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