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Thread: Lady and Lift - Nice observation

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    Lady and Lift - Nice observation

    Came across one very nice observation about lady and lift, sharing for you.

    " Most of the female enters the lift only after the males enters and settle inside, like she is the chief guest with smiling face and stands up before all the male persons in first or second row. And yes they will look left and right without fail... because in most of the lifts has the mirrors on the wall "

    Do you agree, what are your views ?


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    Never really noticed, but i dont spend a helluvalotta time in elevators. Here guys would look away mostly to avoid the appearance of staring at the lady. Elevators (lifts) are close quarters, making it hard to observe standard social conventions regarding invading others personal space.

    Notions of what qualifies as an appropriate distance to maintain so as not to invade personal space differ from one society to the next. Ive been told this has occasionally led to problems when our military is stationed in other cultures where it is common protocol to get virtually nose to nose while conversing... the result being GIs cold-cocking some Local guy who didnt realize he was perceived as "getting up in their face", or why that was even an issue.

    Here getting nose-to-nose with another male is the same as staring a silverback gorilla in the eyes... a challenge.
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