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Thread: Languages

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    What languages do you know and which would you say you were fluent in?

    I know some French and German but I wouldn't say I was fluent in them. :P

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    Re: Languages

    I'm fluent in both English and Polish, learned both around the same time.

    I know a bit of Spanish, but not enough to say I'm fluent :P

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    Re: Languages

    I'm fluent in england and french, and i'm studying spanish at the moment.

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    Re: Languages

    I am only English ha :P

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    Re: Languages

    Only English, although I know a few Japanese words.

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    Re: Languages

    I'm currently studying German for GCSE , I got a B in my last test so I'm not that bad at it. :P

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    Re: Languages

    I know English , German , Hindi and Bengali (the last two are common in India , atleast Hindi is)

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    Re: Languages

    English irish and french.

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    Re: Languages

    I took German for GCSE but I don't know much German lol.

    I only speak English fluently.

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    Re: Languages

    I'm fluent in English and I also speak Tagalog.

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