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Thread: Laptop or Desktop

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    Which do you prefer? I have had both and I much prefer a laptop.

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    I have both, but I prefer desktop although laptop is good for when you're in bed, but I don't like the small keyboard.

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    I'd by far prefer Laptop Less bulky and you can use them almost anywhere.

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    Both are very good, but everyone should get a computer that suits their needs. I have a laptop because I am a college student, I'm on the go a lot, it is lightweight to me that is, only 5.3 pounds I believe which let's me carry it around the house. Desktops have more power, and are stationary, but for a pseron to be happy, they should pick the computer that is meant to them.

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    I suppose it depends =P I'm more a fan of my laptop though. I like being able to go where I want with my information. Plus, I can chat while cooking xD

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    Laptop is all I have currently so that is what I use.

    However it does have the power of a desktop so it is fine for me.

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    I vote laptop. I love the mobility that comes with having a laptop and they can be used pretty much everywhere. My favorite places to use my laptop are in bed or on the couch.

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    I would go for laptop, its great to be able to take it wherever you want, I also use it like a desktop sometimes when I am at home as a mouse is easier than a touchpad.

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    I prefer PC. But never had a latptop, getting one later next winter. I think I might like the laptop better though.

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    I have a desktop, but I'd prefer a laptop for school work.

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