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Thread: Laptop vs Desktop

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    I tend to prefer laptops, since I'm usually on the go.

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    I always recommended for laptop. It's space efficient and extremely versatile. It's great benefits is easy to take when we go on travelling. It's easy to carry at anywhere. Most of the business person prefer the laptop. There are various brand available in the market.

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    I was against the use of a laptop for a long time because I did not like the small keyboards. I started using one at work and now I never go back. The only problem is that I bought an HP laptop and it is these stupid French Canadian blue buttons on the map.

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    Well I love my desktop, it is the only way I will get work done. If I use my laptop I know I am going to set it up in front of my 42" TV and then I will just end up watching Netflix all day instead of working.

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    I have both. I personally prefer a laptop mainly because it uses much less energy. I really like to using a laptop. But mostly i learn in my Desktop. Desktop is good working but laptop is nice for me. I really using laptop in traveling and many more places.

  6. I go for desktop, as I am programmer and have both but desktop is good for me. Only good thing about laptop is that its portable but hard to make hardware changes in it.

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    According to me, Laptop is much better than Desktop because it is very easy to use and we can bring and use it anywhere we want. Also laptops has consuming our time and also use in emergency ways. Now a days laptpos are also affordable. So my vote is for Laptop.

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    Laptop and Desktop both are really good for me. I generally using the desktop computer, because i have to working in office so i am always using desktop in my office. I using the laptop is only traveling time.

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    I prefer both laptop and desktop, both satisfies me in all circumstances.

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    I use Laptop and desktop is more powerful.......

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