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Thread: Laptop vs Desktop

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    I am comfortable to work with desktop.

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    I use laptop of HP.

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    The desktop wins for comfort - big monitor, a nice distance away, the keyboard movable in relation to the monitor, the mouse is 10x better than the touch pad, and the desktop sits on the floor

    Downsides are of course, dust accumulation, power consumption, and hence heat output.

    I like to use a laptop on the coffee table top to do Japanese study where I am not making heavy use of the input devices.

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    I have both. I personally prefer a laptop mainly because it uses much less energy. I really like to using a laptop. But mostly i learn in my Desktop. Desktop is good working but laptop is nice for me.

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    both, I prefer Desktop, high performance for any programs I need. Laptops are good too, portable, but battery dies quickly and low on performance.

    depends how you use them, if you go out a lot, laptop is a good choice; if you stay home a lot, desktop is always the best choice

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    I prefer desktop, but i love netbook ^^

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    I used to use Desktop but now I work from laptop only.

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    Well, I will give vote to laptop and i am using laptop. I like it because of its portability.

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    Laptop is better than desktop. The reasons why I think Laptop is better than Desktop are firstly Laptop is portable and convenient. We can carry it to everywhere we want. Moreover, we can use Laptop indoor or outdoor while Desktop can’t do like this because desktop is much more heavy. This is the advantage for Me when I go outside and want to do homework, laptop can support my needs because it is convenient for me to use it to do my homework or to do my project. Secondly, laptop has battery so when electricity has problem...

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