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Thread: Laptop vs Desktop

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    Do you use a laptop or desktop computer?

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    I have both. I personally prefer a laptop mainly because it uses much less energy. I usually try to use a laptop as a desktop, though.

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    I have both.....I travel several times a year, for weeks at a time.....Have broadband in both houses...

    Laptop is the answer for me....

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    I use Laptop because its so handy

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    I was against using a laptop for a long time because I didn't like the small keyboards. I started using one at work and now I will never go back. The only problem is that I bought an HP Laptop and it was these stupid French Canadian blue keys on the board. It's not like a standard keyboard. It's a big pain in rear.

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    I use Laptop, but I prefer for some reason, a desktop

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    I have a laptop and a desktop. However I prefer to use my laptop.

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    both, I prefer Desktop, high performance for any programs I need. Laptops are good too, portable, but battery dies quickly and low on performance.

    depends how you use them, if you go out a lot, laptop is a good choice; if you stay home a lot, desktop is always the best choice

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    I use both of them. Laptop are always needed since i travel alot due to working purpose. And normally i'm using my desktop at home

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    Laptop gets my vote because there portable, sleeker, and just better IMO

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