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Thread: Last movie you saw?

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    Ghost Rider 2

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    Last movie i saw mission impossible 4, awesome movie.

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    I like all Hollywood action movies to watch any time. I watched all action movies last time but I like only avatar movie. All graphic and sound effects are very awesome. All people are like this movie and this movie is very famous in the world. All characters was worked very hard in this movie.

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    I saw last movie that was "Gangs of Vashepur"

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    ''Ferari ki savari'' is my last movie which I had seen.

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    Avengers, so good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1quality View Post
    Avengers, so good!
    IRON Man is my last movie

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    Last movie I saw was - The Pianist ( again for 3rd times)

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    Last movie i saw, the avengers.

  10. The Dark knight rises last movie I saw.

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