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Thread: Learning Arabic

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    Learning Arabic

    Hello everyone.

    For some career-related reasons which I can't go into much detail on, I need to learn Arabic. I have been searching the internet to find some supplemental programs, and am looking into taking some structured Arabic courses. However, I was wondering if anyone here had some tips or advice that would help me in my journey!

    Thanks in advance.

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    try youtube, there are a lot of lessons there

    here, you can start with this

    [ame=""]YouTube- Learn Arabic in English part 1-1[/ame]

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    Hmm...i think learning through Videos as suggested by Aziz is the best way to go about. It can help you in pronunciations of Arabic terms which is surely the most useful thing required considering its gonna be career related(i mean 'speaking it right').

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    Yes, most of the work with the language will be verbal.

    It seems like learning Arabic is going to be more difficult than languages I've learned in the past due to the fact that it's an entirely different alphabet.
    Thanks for your help guys - any other advice is also appreciated.

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    Manage CD/DVD of Arabic learning course or download from torrent sites. You may also get admitted to an Arabic learning center if available in your place.

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    Go to Saudi Arabia.

    You should take some courses of Arabic, I think it would be too difficult to learn all by yourself...

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