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Thread: "Lifehacks" for developing

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    "Lifehacks" for developing

    Anyone use any lifehacks to make life online and developing a bit more efficient?

    Just wanted to share something i'm using and has been helpfull for my offline business+website.

    On a gmail account, set a 'google alert' for the keyword of the project that you're working on.
    As soon as that keyword shows up somewhere on the net -with that page indexed by google - you will get an email with a link to that page.
    From there you can:

    1 simply see if one of your pages is indexed by google
    2 see if you can create a backlink
    3 if applicable find the latest news that is related to those keywords
    4 possibly find out about how your competion is doing
    5 find other/new related businesses
    6 find something that you haven't thought of before
    7 get inspiration for new ideas


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    I use Google Alerts all the time to find blogs that talk about my chosen keywords. It actually helps find sites that are similar to your own and if you then subscribe to their feed you can make some great contacts.

  3. Get SeoQuake - extension for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers
    That'll solve most seo research efficiency problems

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