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Thread: MadDogz - The craziest forum on the net!

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    MadDogz - The craziest forum on the net!

    Forum Name: MadDogz

    Forum URL:

    Forum Description: A general chat forum for people who are just not quite right! A place to have friendly fun with fellow forum members. We are unique in the fact that there is virtually no moderation, why join a forum where you have to behave yourself?

    Many topics covered including Sport, Music, Movies, Torrent chat, GFX, Funny stuff and much much more! Why not pop along and try it for yourself?

    We are currently looking for American, Canadian, South American and Eastern members to widen our range of friends.

    We look forward to seeing you there soon! :tup:

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    Re: MadDogz - The craziest forum on the net!

    Looks nice . If you could have made "Register" button similar as the rest and then left it blinking , it would have looked even better .

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    Re: MadDogz - The craziest forum on the net!

    The banner was very slow to load and appeared very pixelated when I first viewed the page. I do like it though once it's fully loaded

    The template is nice though maybe the forum icons could be reduced a little bit in size. On the whole though, I like it. Good luck

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    Re: MadDogz - The craziest forum on the net!

    Nice looking forums with good activity. Good luck with it.

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    Re: MadDogz - The craziest forum on the net!

    Thanks, I think we have been experiencing server issues the past two days, it goes like that from time to time unfortunately and doesn't half get on my nerves!!!!

    I think the register button does actually blink....(when the site is running right!) it's been so long since I actually saw it, being admin of the place that is LOL

    I'm lucky, I have dedicated members that turn up regardless and post even on the dullest of's the members that deserve the credit for the place, not me!

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    For a forummotion forum you've certainly done well in terms of activity O-o

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