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Thread: Make your topic in the Subway (Important Read Me)

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    Make your topic in the Subway (Important Read Me)

    [align=center]How to Request a forum on Community Forums?[/align]

    Click Here for demo of how your topic would look like.

    Create a thread in one of the categories with the details. What we require from you to put in your topic?

    Website Name: 
    site link:  
    Website Description:
    Our Goal: 
    Your name on the Board:
    -Subway Page-
    1. (Question in bold)
    2. (Question in bold)
    3.(Question in bold)
    4.(Question in bold)
    5.(Question in bold)
    -Board Started on:
    -Forum Link:
    (delete when making a topic) You can put in your topic what you like be creative. But you have to fill in EVERYTHING of the pre-template, if not your topic will be removed! :!:  (delete when making a topic)

    Still have more questions about our services?

    Read the FAQ.

    [spoiler]1 Are there any type of requirements ? Is it free ?

    Answer: Yes everything is absolutely free! No you don't need any requirements of posts or time registered, nothing. If you register you can request a topic at once.

    2 If I have a topic how do I Manage it ?(NEW)

    Answer: You can't moderate it like you could before in your own forum. We desides a new system impleneted will make CF faster and more user friendly to use. You can however make posts in it to update it every 24 hours. Or ask a question in it to the members of CF.

    3 What content must be in my topic ?(NEW)

    Answer: You have endless possibilities for that. Its important you fill every field in of the template but for the rest you can add anything you want.

    4 What happens if the creator of a topic does not fill in all fields of the pre-template ?

    Answer: His topic will be locked or deleted and he/she will be contacted about it. He/She can then just do it again but this time right. Or the person doesn't want to, his/her choice. It is just important that every topic has the same basic info.

    5 What is "The Subway Page" ? (NEW)

    Answer: That page is just a other name for "The Page" we used before. It is named after the category main forum: "The Subway" In the pre-template you just need to ask yourself 5 questions and answer them under your question in (bold). You can ask more questions but Max. 10 questions like before, and Min. 5 questions.

    6 what is the topic list in every category ? (NEW)

    Answer: In the HQ of The Subway is the head list, that displays all lists in each category. In those categories is a list with all the topics present in that forum. This way every topic gets a chance, we do hope so this will help. The lists will always be updated when new topics come of forums.

    7 Is there anything else I need to know about my topic ? (NEW)

    Answer: Well we haven't told you so but you can always get a banner in your topic, draws attention if people view your topic. And also you can bump your topic every 24 hours, it won't matter if you do it one hour sooner.

    8 Why is a page so important ? (NEW)

    Answer: Well its kind of a intro to your forum for the people, first you choose what they get to know in those 5 answers or more your call. And its quite important to fast know what a forum is about or what the people can find on your forum, depending of course with what your questions where, the people will know faster or not what your forum is about.[/spoiler]

    If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to PM a staff member.


    For your page you have to ask yourself 5 questions minimum to 10 questions maximum that you have to answer, they have to be informative about your forum.

    Warning! (Updated)

    When you make a topic and don't do the entire process, and we ask you to do so and still you don't do it, your topic will be deleted.

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    Re: Request your forum, information! (Important Read Me)

    Hello there you need to make a new topic with the request info.


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    Re: Make your topic in the Subway (Important Read Me)

    Website Name:

    site link:

    Website Description: Independent game developer making hand-held-console-like games for PC computer. Shoot-'em-ups and shooters in the beginning, then platformers, but eventually there should be something for everyone.

    Our Goal: My goal is to make many different cheap, but quality, fun arcade games that people would play in their spare-time and rainy days, games that would be for all ages and all times.

    Your name on the Board: Alex Vidakovic

    -Subway Page-

    1. What's the forum all about?

    Answer: About games, it should be intended for casual gamers and gamers who love classics like Galaga, Galaxian, Phoenix, Warblade, Donkey Kong, Qwak, Rick Dangerous, etc. In the beginning I'll develop mostly one-screen shoot-'em-ups and scroller shooters, then platformers, but eventually there should be something for everyone. And I do intend to make fun, not bloody and violent games, games for all ages.

    2. Can the forum have other content as well?

    Answer: Yes, you can discuss whatever you want on whatever board. You can also put a backlink to your site, if your site is games oriented or your forum games related.

    3.Can we swear, use bad words and such?

    Answer: Sure thing, but only if it makes sense. Eg. you're pissed about something and once you shared it with the rest of us, swearing comes natural.

    4.Are there any games on the forum?

    Answer: No, but you got one finished game on the main site and another one on the way.

    5.Are there many members on the forum, does it feel like an awesome party?

    Answer: Nope, as of this writing there are only 4 members and it feels like a graveyard

    -Board Started on: June, 20th 2010

    -Category: Pure Gaming Forum with loose board called Whatever

    -Forum Link:

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