I would like to introduce you all to a knew webcomic I am working on, called "Malfunction." It is a small comic made with gmod source engine that follows the lives of two turrets, Axl and Sam, as they embark on they're adventure to explore the vast world... well past the storage closet that is. Season 1 is compiled of 13 comics.

Axl is an outdated model of Aperture Turrets, running on old Windows ME. He is very obedient and does what he is told, with the occasional random bursts of rebellion. Sam... well not much to say about her. She is very quiet, and their may be a reason to that. She is always processing on what do do/say next. The few words she does say are usually acid tongued words on how incompetent Axl is.

Malfunction #1: The Journey?

Malfunction #2: Da Great Escape!

Malfunction #3: Windows ME?

Malfunction #4: HAI GAIZ!

Will update when more is released.