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    After we had an almight implode to our forum which resulted in a loss of everything we are back up running at full speed we would encourage all football(soccer) fans to have a look and join up if you like a bit of debate about football we welcome rival fans as we like to hear a view from the outside as well as the inside,

    please come check us out we have a range of ages in our members from early 50s to young teens so no one is left out we also have some parts of the forum dedicated to other things apart from United,

    We have a weakly lottery, a betting shop which is great fun when you are winning and lots more stuff to keep people busy

    we are short of a load of members now as since we lost our complete member base we lost over 120 members, we are slowly rising in number again and anyone who joins will be more than welcome


    take 5 minutes of your time to take a look at our forum it will be worth it



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    Very good forum, fans are level headed and it's an overall decent website, keep up the good work.

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