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Thread: Michael Jackson died today 6-25-2009

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    He was a great musician , but I don't like him after the scandal with the children. But still, rest in peace MJ.

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    He has done a lot for pop music.
    Fara Fawcett died the same day. RIP both.

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    OMG that's a very sad news..Michael was the king of POP and I myself was a great fan of him...
    RIP Michael...

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    I could not believe when I heard it. I still can`t believe that our "King of Pop" is dead. This is BIIIG step back for world music. Rest in Peace maan...

    - SeoHawk

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    This is really shock.However,everyone will die

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    Dont know why u put smiley in your post.........

    Anyway, i think he was great musician, but i didnt liked him veery much, he was always weird, and using drugs, not very good role model.

    And, the worst thing, being so emmberesseed to be black to have tons of operations to make ur face white . I dont understand how some black people love him (fly, im not black.)

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    Millions in Los Angeles Mourn for the great man

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