Website Name: The Most Haunted Forum

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Website Description: A forum for Most Haunted and general paranormal chat

Our Goal: to be a friendly place for others to talk about the paranormal, and to carry on growing, and take the place of a forum that i was on before that is closing.

Your name on the Board: kayls

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1. what is most haunted?

Answer: most haunted is a tv show about the paranormal, it started in 2002, and is on living, a tv channel in the uk, but shows in other countries round the world.

2. why did you make the forum?

Answer: i made this forum as the official most haunted forum is closing very soon, and i have always wanted to try making a forum of my own.

3. how many members do you have on your forum?

Answer: 106 so far, in one month.

4. can you talk about other things on the most haunted forum?

Answer: yeah, of course you can, as long as you dont break the rules.

5. what is in the future for the most haunted forum?

Answer: more members and posts, hopefully i will buy a domain name for us, and get members of the most haunted team to join

-Board Started on: 10th may 2010

-Category: paranormal

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