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Thread: The Move is On

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    The Move is On

    This week and next are the final stages of moving from Central Kentucky to Cave City, Kentucky.

    Naturally everything is going according to plan.

    Okay, there really is no plan...just as I can get stuff there.

    I had planned to get the van moved to Cave City, and in the process use it to move some of the larger stuff which will not fit in the car. Unfortunately, when I had a set of tires put on the front of the van they noticed that there seemed to be some play in the wheels. Driving 160 miles with a potential problem is not in the cards for me, so I took the van by the mechanics' shop on Tuesday morning and headed out for Cave City with just the car.

    Luckily, they discovered that it was just the steering box causing the play and it is not critical; I don't want to drop any more money on the van right now as I recently spent over $800 just getting the brake lines and emergency brake repaired (and trust was no fun when they went out).

    People who design futons are cruel, sick bastards. Being as I was not able to move the bed with the van in the shop, I took the futon out of the storage unit in Cave City and put it together. I swear I followed the directions. When I finished, the springs were on the frame in reverse; luckily my neighbor was not home to hear the outburst which followed. I corrected the problem, but not without some fighting and more outbursts.

    So the van is still in Winchester, as I am at present, and I am looking at the weather to determine which day is going to be better to make the trek with the van.

    Trying to coordinate moving multiple vehicles ain't no fun. I have the Econoline I'm moving from here to Cave City, and it will be used to carry the larger stuff. I have the station wagon which will be used the most for the move; I just need to get that van over there. I am buying another van, luckily located in Cave City already; it's cheap and more economical than my van (it's embarrassing to be seen crying at the pump trying to fill a 30 gallon fuel tank).

    That's 3 vehicles, then I need to get the RV moved from Smiths Grove to Cave City (it's only like a 20 to 25 mile drive). I'll post about the RV on my blog. It's a 1970/71 model Champion, and yes, being from the 70s it does have shag carpet (yeah...baybay); I'll add the fuzzy dice myself.

    I'm certain I'm going to make my landlord's day.

    Oh...goodness; there is already a mess at the duplex and there is still at lot to move.

    Anybody else in the process of moving?

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    Already gone through it all! Good luck mate

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