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Thread: Movies you await!!

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    Movies you await!!

    I love watching movies either at home or on theaters.

    I look forward to watch transformers 2!!

    After watching movies, i don't know why but i'm inspired to work more...that's for any movie.(no porn haha)

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    i am also waiting for trasnformer 2. The trailer is amazing and i think movie will be amazing , eagerly waiting for the movie to release.

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    Someone know when will come out transformer 2 and harry potter last part , as i wait them so long , that are the best movies of this year i think !!

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    Hoping to see Transformers 2 soon. Also, the movie Funny People looks pretty good too.

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    Definitely Transformers 2, & Terminator Salvation (which is yet to hit our theatres).
    I was waiting for Xmen Origins: Wolverine but I missed it. >.< But no need to worry, warez-bb to the rescue. Just kidding!

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    I can't wait for Transformers 2 and 9

  7. I'm very excited to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I have read in many blogs that this movie is much more explosive as the previous movie. I do hope that all the action scenes are breathtaking.

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    Did anyone watch angels and daemons?I gotta watch that movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micks86 View Post
    Did anyone watch angels and daemons?I gotta watch that movie
    i'm find it also interesting. I'm a movie goer. i find a lot of inspirations from movies.

    poorly i can't hold much on my hard drive. so i think I'm going to theaters when the movies i await is out.
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    Me too, The Transformers have a really good trailer! I think this movie is cool as others. I went out recently and watched unborn! Eer i was sleepy while watching! Boring film!

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