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Thread: Moving to new apartment

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    Exclamation Moving to new apartment

    I'm moving to a new apartment tomorrow. It takes few days for the internet connection to transfer.

    Just thought to tell you guys. In case someone misses my "so awesome" posts.

    Then my connection will be 24mb/s. It will be huge increase to my current 2mb/s.

    Ps. Try to survive few days w/o me. I no it will be hard.

  2. 24mb/s -- I am jealous!
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    I moved into a new house this summer.
    For me it was from 3 mb/s to 512 kb/s.

    Good "few days" without Internet

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    I moved to a new apartment and had a lot of trouble getting connection there :s

    Now I have 2 MBPS connection from 512 KBPS

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    I didnt move yet. Will be moving in 4 months. I recently upgraded my internet to 16mb/s - 100gb bandwidth. Its on a new fibre optic cable network

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    Unfortunately, i've lived in the same apartment for over 10 years now and don't feel like moving.

    I'm on a 256 kb/s connection at home

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    I'm at 2MB/s and 25GB bandwidth per month...
    It's more than enough for me

    But yeah, good luck moving, have fun.. as moving mostly brings problems with it

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I had a 16mb connection in Germany and it was fantastic, then I moved to Spain and had to drop down to 512kb, and now it's dropped again to 256kb

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    When I get back to my dorm at Illinois State (home for the weekend) I'll do another speed test:

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    My connection is back up now. I will do speed test later today. To make sure I got that 24mb.

    I'm back...

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