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Thread: Mozilla add-ons which do you got?

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    Mozilla add-ons which do you got?

    Basically i got firebug and developers tool for work.

    i got a download manager, a browser screen shot, and a tweaker.

    it's also themed.
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    Mozilla is my favorite web browser. I have grease monkey installed; itís mainly for using scripts.
    Adblock plus is also installed, itís good too, no more getting annoyed because of the Ads. Also the better privacy is in.

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    downthemall - Down Them All

    i love it

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    Yes mozzila is really great. I'll think it will kill microsoft explorer for like 90 % I used greasemonkey for some twitter scripts, Live PR (it's great, it stays in right down corner and shows PR of every page), Flash Block (my firefox isn't working fine when there's like 5 flash banners on screen), and NoDoFollow (right click and check DoFollow option and shows which links on page are Do or No follow, great for searching blogs for commenting )

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    I am using X-marks as I can synchronise my bookmarks between various computers and I can access the bookmarks through the online account.

  6. "Mozilla add-ons which do you got?"
    "Mozilla add-ons, which do you have?"

    On this machine I have word count and fireftp, but usually I also have flash block, ad block, lorem ipsum generator, alexa, and any other tools I've felt I could make use of at the time.

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    I use Fireftp which has always worked very well for me, Greasemonkey, and with greasemonkey I have lightbox which makes browsing images (Especially google images) lightning fast since I don't have to load the page. I also use babelfish translator, gmail notifier, and alexa sparky.
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