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Thread: Music: Melody vs Lyrics

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    Music: Melody vs Lyrics

    When you listen to music, are you someone who only listens to the melody, or do you listen to both the melody and the lyrics?

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    I listen to both but it really annoys me when people sing during a guitar solo or when they have too much going on at once.

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    I mostly like the melody because I mainly listen to music by Ministry of Sound (YEA!) and all their music is about mixing the beats and its great stuff.
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    Probably more the melody. I tend to hear everything like it's a musical score, with the vocals as part of the chord, haha. I usually learn the lyrics quickly just because they follow a pattern and I like singing along.

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    I listen to both, but I only sing the melody (Except with Metallica & Blink 182).

    I'm not such a good singer though, but it's fun to sing along with other songs
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    Most of the trance I listen to doesn't have lyrics. The melody is what makes a song so memorable and emotional. Although when partying it's good to listen to vocal songs.

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    Drumming freak here always! [slipknote - Joey] so im not realy into lyrics!
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    For me it's both, I like good melody plus some nice meaningful lyrics.

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    Melody with wonderful lyrics. I'd be bugged if a melodious tune is going with meaningless random lyrics.. meoowww
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    For english songs also lyrics to know the proper words

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