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Thread: Music and Work

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    Lightbulb Music and Work

    Hi fellas,

    I'm just wondering, how many of you listen to music while working or even when using the computer..

    As for myself, the music player is launched instantly as soon as I turn on my computer I believe music helps in work performance and in producing better results, I feel relaxed and motivated by music. without music I feel kind of odd / acoustically unconnected

    what do you guys think?

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    Not always.

    Some times only when working on PC


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    Yes, sometime I listen to my favorite songs and Ghazals on my PC while working.

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    I do listen it sometimes nowadays.
    Earlier it was m hobby to do both things at the same time.

    - Mr.President -

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    yes nearly always i listen to my fav. songs while working because it keeps out of disturbance and tension of other things

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    Whether working, playing games, training or anything.. I'm just have to listen to Paradise Lost. I think im hooked on them lol

    NB. Paradise Lost are the second best band in the world, after Iron Maiden of course

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    Not always, but usually. But, i'm on my computer a lot, so I guess its just listening to music the same amount other people do.

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    When working behind the computer, I'm always listening to a particular channel on the radio called which covers (according to their website) "Soul, R&B, Nu-Soul, Bossa, Smooth Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Acid-Jazz, Latin, Chill, Lounge, Deep House, Ambient, Lo-Fi, Funk".

    Their website needs a makeover but the music is awesome.

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    I always have music going when I am on my computer. Usually it is bands like Iron Maiden, Black Label Society, Pantera, Ozzy Osbourne really anything that is metal/rock.

  10. I can't concentrate to my work when music is on. I like to listen to music, but only when I'm not doing important stuffs.
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