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Thread: My exams starts tomorrow, Wish me Luck

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    My exams starts tomorrow, Wish me Luck

    My exams starts tomorrow. Wish me Luck guys...

    I don't like Exams. Is there any one who like???

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    Best of Luck to you !!
    Hope you do well.

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    Good luck and hope everything goes well! Mine starts the 14th of June btw
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I too don't like the exams but it gives us a life!
    Don't neglect exams and concentrate on it!

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    You don’t like exams, right! Wish you all the best so you never need to sit for the exam again .

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    Me too Don't like exam....but it's necessary to give get piece of paper of Result / Degree...

    Do Best!!!!!!

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